Glow ink tattoo

glow ink tattoo

Recently, a tattoo posted to Imgur received a lot of attention for its clever use of UV (or " glow -in-the-dark") ink to show "Alice in Wonderland". The invisible UV ink tattoos are not easy to notice. This makes them to be glow - in-the-dark-tattoos_. First, there are several different kinds of glow in the dark ink. One of them is incredibly bad for your skin, while the others are about as harmless as typical tattoo. Trip Advice, After Care, Tattoo Culture, Tattoo Health, 3d pool June 16, Trip Advice, Medical, Tattoo Culture, Tattoo Health, Trends March 22, Our Favorite Numbing Gel. Chashire cat glow tattoo. Lil Wayne, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan already have these types of tattoos. UV-light inks are as safe for your skin as any other kind of ink.


TATTOOS AFTER DARK - Glow in the dark tattoo ink


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